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August 15, 2012
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Michiru and Sango's Children

It had been several years after Naraku's demise. Now everyone was enjoying their lives without the fear of having to fight monstrous demons.

InuYasha and Kaname were dating each other, but Kagome was still in the picture. InuYasha wasn't much on choosing between the girls he loved. Something which Michiru would occasionally mock calling Kagome "InuYasha's new Kikyo."

Miroku had left Kaede's Village to marry some teenage girl that was to be betrothed to a demon. Frankly, Michiru was somewhat glad to have him out of his hair at last.

Shippo had grown up into a great and powerful warrior who put down his top when he found a shakram that responded to his fox-fire magic. But he too left Kaede's Village to pursue his life as a lone warrior. Since Naraku was dead, and Shippo had grown up he figured it was time to spread his wings and find his own way in life.

As for Michiru and Sango, they happily married each other years ago and were expecting their first child any time soon. Even though they had agreed to raise Kanna as their own adoptive daughter, it was still exciting that Sango was pregnant with their first blood child.

That was because after the team had defeated Naraku, Kanna had lost all memory of her creator and when the team had gone back for her, she was crying because she had no idea who she or her family was. Michiru and Sango had taken pity on the poor girl and agreed that she was their responsibility. So they gave her a home and a family to love her. Kohaku also lived with them, for even though he was a full grown adult he had missed out on a lot of life experiece and needed guidance.

"Of course if they could handle the pressure, I'm sure they'd have twelve children." InuYasha thought to himself with a chuckle. He knew if anyone could handle the pressure it was his brother-in-arms Michiru Kururugi. "Feh! If only Miroku was here to bear witness to Sango giving birth to Michiru's child!"

"Why hello InuYasha." a voice came out from behind him.

Recognizing the voice InuYasha spun around to see Miroku standing not too far from the outskirts of the village. "Oh, hey Miroku long-time-no-see!" he grinned thinking maybe Miroku would witness it. "So what brings you back?" he asked. "Taking a trip from the wife?"

Miroku frowned at that and sighed, "I'm afraid InuYasha my wife kicked me out. Apparently she got the wrong idea about one of my actions."

InuYasha looked at Miroku and catching on to what he was actually saying asked, "What did you do this time you idiot?"

"Well apparently my wife caught me talking to another woman. She claimed that my hand was about to touch her posterior."

"And why do I have the feeling she was right on the money?" another voice broke in.

The two turned to find Shippo a little down the road. InuYasha grinned, "Well Shippo you're here as well? Well what do you know the old team together again!"

"Yeah." Shippo agreed. "I've had my fill of personal adventure. Now I want to settle down and start a family." Shippo then grinned and reached into his kimono. "Besides, I can't wait for my future child to bring this back into action." he spoke pulling out his old top.

"So anyway InuYasha," Miroku began. "Is there any chance Sango dumped Michiru and now she's single again?" he asked hopefully.

"What?" Shippo spat out. "You're kidding right? Your wife just threw you out and you want to pursue Sango?"

"You really are pathetic Miroku." InuYasha scolded as a wicked idea crept into his mind. "And as for Sango and Michiru breaking up there's somehting you oughta see." Then InuYasha noticed Miroku's new chubby figure and grinned, "But first you gotta do the Truffle-Shuffle!"

"Come on!" Miroku protested remembering that movie that they all once watched and Michiru enjoyed a lot.

"Do it." InuYasha replied.

"Come on!" Miroku repeated.

"DO IT!" InuYasha cried out.

Miroku then lifted up his kimono and held his stomach and began to shake it. After InuYasha and Shippo had had their fill of laughter, InuYasha then led the two to the house Michiru and Sango call home. They peeked through a window and saw Sango preparing dinner for her husband's return. They saw Kanna looking over at her.

"Mommy?" Kanna began.

"Yes dear, what is it?" Sango beamed over at her.

"When is my new brother or sister going to be born?" Kanna asked.

Sango sighed and stroked her stomach knowing it had been nine months since she and Michiru concieved.

"Soon Kanna." Sango murmurred with a small smile. "Very soon."

Miroku's mouth dropped open at that, "Wait, what does she mean 'new brother or sister?'" he asked.

"Take a look at Sango's stomach Miroku." a new female voice broke in.

"Kaname?" InuYasha gasped. "You're back I see. How are the old folks back home?"

"Just fine InuYasha and they're really excited about the news of their new grandchild." Kaname beamed.

Miroku turned pale. "I don't believe this!" he exclaimed. "Sango's pregnant with Michiru's child?"

"Well what did you expect Miroku?" Michiru's voice broke in out of nowhere. "Sango is my wife you know?"

"That's right." Kagome chimed in. "Seriously, now I don't know why I spent so much time hooking the two of you up together when the person who truly loves her is Michiru."

"W-w-w-what do you mean?" Miroku shuddered. "Sango's your w-w-w-wife?"

"Well you see Miroku," InuYasha smirked. "After you left the team to marry that girl, Sango found comfort in Michiru's arms. About a year after you left they got married."

"You're damn right!" Michiru agreed. "And what's more, I love Sango with all my heart and soul. And Miroku as for your hopes of Sango breaking up with me..."

Miroku again turned white realizing Michiru had heard their conversation earlier. But before Michiru could continue Miroku felt a strong hand strike him hard in the face, "It's never going to happen Miroku!" Sango snapped. "I love Michiru dearly and I'm looking forward to raising our child together."

Miroku sighed, "Yes I know." he conceded. "But still you can't blame me for hoping." A phrase that earned him another slap.

Sango then rushed over to Michiru, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him compassionately. "Welcome home dear." she whispered. "I missed you so much."

Michiru giggled at that. "But Sango, I was only gone ten minutes!"

"I know," Sango whispered. "But I love you so much that it felt like an eternity."

"Dad!" Kanna exclaimed. "Daddy!" She then rushed over to Michiru and pounced on him wrapping her arms around her father and tackled him to the ground.

"Ow! Kanna, that hurt!" Michiru groaned.

"Kanna, leave your father alone!" Sango scolded. "I'm sure he's tired after having to slay those approaching...hmmm? EEEEWWWCHHH!"

Everyone looked and saw Miroku squeezing Sango buttocks. Michiru flared.

"!" He roared drawing forth his sword. "Shikiga!" Then he launched a spray of fire at Miroku. Unfortunately his attack missed.

"Getting slow I see Michiru," Miroku stated. "Then again I guess you could be weary from battle. Oh, how I have longed to do that for years. Huh? Oh-no!" Miroku yelled as he saw Sango's angry face.

"!" She flared whipping out her boomerang. "I'm a married woman! How dare you touch me? Especially in front of my husband and daughter!" She then reached back to swing her weapon. But as soon as Sango moved a liquid poured out of her womb. Kagome looked in amazement.

"Oh my God! Sango, your water broke!" Kagome gasped. "Guys hurry! We need to get Sango to Kaede's house!"

"Right!" Kaname agreed.

Michiru looked over at InuYasha, "InuYasha," he began, "You're the fastest! Go now to the present a fetch my parents!"

"You can count on me my brother!" InuYasha assured Michiru then he leapt towards the Bone-Eater's-Well while Kaname and Kagome helped Sango to Kaede's house. Once there Kaede layed a clean cot for Sango to lie on and attended to her. Michiru, Shippo, and Miroku watched in anticipation. Michiru looked in the direction InuYasha just ran.

"Hurry InuYasha! Hurry!"

Meanwhile InuYasha had just completed the transportation and headed to where the Kururugi Shrine was located. Once there he knocked but no one answered.

"Oh c'mon!" he grunted. "Your grandchild's about ot be born and you're not home?" But no sooner than he said this then he heard music in the backyard he quickly ran over to where it was coming from. All of a sudden his powerful nose picked up the scent of food. He observed.

(Sniff-sniff) "Hamburgers? Medium-rare?" He thought to himself. "The Kururugis must be having a barbeque." He sniffed some more and as he sniffed he began to drool. "Beer-boiled bratwurst, hot-link sausage, crispy barbeque chicken, bacon-wrapped steaks, and...and...Aw damn! Pork and beef ribs!"

He smelled the meat and it smelled good, although InuYasha believed that Mrs. Higurashi made the best home cooked food, he had to admit that when it came to barbeque, no one beat Mr. Kururugi and his trusty outdoor cooker. But then InuYasha smelled other things.

"Hmmm!" InuYasha moaned dreamily. "Mrs. Higurashi's here as well! I know for an absolute fact that's her potato salad that I smell! I also smell regular, barbeque, sour-cream and onion, and cheddar and sour-cream potato chips." He sniffed on last time. "Yeast rolls and cornbread muffins with sweet butter!"

InuYasha's stomach began growling like mad and his mouth was dribbling so much he made Niagara Falls look like a sprinkler hose. He thought to himself, "I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast. Surely the others won't mind if I have a quick bite..."

Then InuYasha remembered why he was here in the first place, "Dammit! Of all the luck! Such a shame all of that good food is gonna go to waste!" If InuYasha was a crying kind of guy he felt for sure he'd go blind from so much crying. But InuYasha knew he had a job to do, so he sucked it in and headed to the gate that led to the Kururugi Shrine. He heard Mr. Kururugi giving a speech.

"Here's to my son Michiru and his beautiful wife Sango's first child. Oh I can't wait for them to be born!" he declared.

"Neither can I!" Michiru's mother agreed.

"You don't have to!" InuYasha shouted. "Now get over here and come back with me!"

Recognizing the voice, Mr. Kururugi beamed and said "Hey InuYasha, we're throwing a barbeque to celebrate! Join the celebration!" Mr. Kururugi looke around. "Hey wait, where are the others? We told Kaname to bring everyone here to join the party."

"No time for a party just come with me! NOW!" InuYasha ordered.

"Why what's the rush?" Mr. Kururugi laughed.

"The rush, as you call it, is that Sango's in labor!" InuYasha cried out annoyingly.

"What?" Mr. Kururugi asked.

"What? Sango's in labor?" Mrs. Kururugi asked. "Honey get your coat on and let's go!"

"Right," Mr. Kururugi declared. "Sorry everyone but we've got to go!"

With that, the two left with InuYasha and made their way to the well and jumped in.

Meanwhile back in Kaede's house Kaede and Kagome were helping with the delivery.

"Push child, breathe and push!" Kaede calmly told her.

Sango did as she was told yelling in serious pain. Michiru paced nervously but Miroku and Shippo put their hand on his shoulders. He looked at his friend smiling at him and he smiled in return.

"Hey, it's coming!" Kagome declared.

"What?" Michiru cried out and as a crying baby was coming out of Sango's womb. Kaede looked at it and smiled at Michiru. But just before she could speak, Sango began yellin out in pain again as another baby came out which Kaede also looked at. And when Sango showed no sign there would be a third child, Kaede washed the two babies, wrapped them in blankets and handed them to their mother and smiled at Michiru and said, "Congratulations Michiru, they're two beautiful girls."

Tears of joy running down her face Sango smiled. "Girls?" she asked.

"Girls?" Michiru repeated. Then he knealt next to Sango and she smiled at them.

"Oh Michiru my darling," she affectionately sobbed, "They're...they're so beautiful!"

"Only because their mother's beautiful." Michiru answered.

Sango's cheeks blushed upon hearing this, then she smiled ans replied, "Hey! I don't deserve all the credit. You're pretty cute yourself with that flawless physique, cute face, calming dreamy gray-blue eyes."

Michiru blushed while Miroku groaned knowing Sango never would've acted all lovey-dovey when HE first knew her. Miroku knew that Michiru and his sister had changed her in ways he himself never could.

"What are you going to name them?" Kaname asked with a smile.

"I have an idea of that," Michiru began, "But let's wait until our parents show up."

Everyone agreed and after a very short while InuYasha returned with Michiru and Kaname's parents. They looked around the room.

"Where is our granchild?" Mrs. Kururugi demanded.

"Your 'grandchildren' are right here Mom." Michiru answered.

"Huh?" she responded and looked over at her daughter-in-law and her son holding two twins in their arms. Michiru smiled. "Mom Dad meet your two new granddaughters." He then kissed one on her head and whispered, "Michigo." He then turned towards the other and kissed her as well, "Sanru."

Sango gasped at the names realizing what they meant. "That way they can share our names Sango." Michiru said smiling at her.

More tears began falling down Sango's face and she held her daughters and sobbed. "Michigo." she whispered in Michigo's ear. "Sanru." she whispered in Sanru's. She then smiled at her husband and reached out and kissed him. "Oh, Michiru! I love them Michiru. I love them so much!"

"I know." Michiru murmured. "I love them too."

InuYasha and Shippo smiled, Kagome sighed, Kaname teared up, Kohaku out his hand on his sister's shoulder, Kanna smiled at her new sisters, Kirara walked over to them and gently rubbed her face against their bellies, Miroku shook his head, Kaede smiled.

"Well you two," Kaede broke the silence. "I looks like you have quite the family going on."

"Boy I'll say!" Shippo agreed. Everyone laughed at the all-too-familiar phrase. Michiru looked at everyone.

"Well guys, it looks like it's time for us to retire from this whole demon-killing thing."

But just as soon as he said that an unexpected visitor arrived. "Oh you're all here thank goodness!" Koga declared.

"Oh hey Koga!" Michiru beamed. "You're just in time to see my new daughters. How's your wife Ayame by the way?"

"No time for that now!" Koga grunted. "We need your help now! Naraku's returned!"

"What?" InuYasha proclaimed then he smiled, "Again?"

"But this is what the twentieth time now." Kaname grumbled. "When will he ever learn that he can't defeat us?"

Everyone laughed. A few days later after Sango had recovered from delivering the twins, everyone gathered their weapons, asked Kaede and Kohaku to watch over the children, and set out onan all new adventure. Kagome sighed.

"Just when I was getting used to enjoying our new lives."

"Yeah," InuYasha agreed. "But still it's nice to get in touch with our roots as a team."

"But this time," Michiru piped up looking at Miroku and Shippo. "Let's not break up for some girl, or personal fame."

"Don't worry about that Michiru." Shippo grinned, "Those days are over."

"I sure hope so." Sango thought to herself.

InuYasha laughed and said, "Well Naraku, you couldn't have picked a worse time to return. Because your worst nightmares have reunited, and what's more we're coming for you."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get kill him again!" Michiru declared. "Heh! So much for retirement!"
Hey guys, I modified my story. And for the record "Shikiga" is the name of a sword I thought about Totosai making for Michiru

Ch. 1:[link]
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I do have two suggestions to make, however. The first is that I think it would be a good idea to spend some time, fleshing out this story a bit more. Adding greater depth to it, more emotion, that sort of thing. The second is that, since this is more-or-less a standalone story, I think it would be a good idea to give some more detail to how Michiru and Sango had come to adopt Kanna and so on. Does that make sense?
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