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A cure For Miroku

"Geez Michiru!" InuYasha griped. "Why did you have to bring Kagura's dead body with us?"

Michiru glared at his friend. While he did understand InuYasha bias feelings torwards Kagura, it still bothered him that InuYasha didn't believe that after all Kagura did for them, or tried to do for them, that she was entitled to a proper burial. After all, Kagura attempted to help them destroy Naraku once-upon-a-time on Asagiri Island as well as many other occasions during their countless battles against him. Also, Kagura did risk her life to attempt to give back Michigo and Sanru to their parents. Also, there was the fact that Michiru respected Kagura to a degree. Anybody who had a respectable quality about them deserved to be buried and mourned as far as Michiru was concerned.

InuYasha sighed knowing what all was running through his friend's head. He knew his pride often blinded him to the good traits people had causing him to focus mainly on their bad traits. Though he'd never show it, a part of him was ashamed for this fact about him. InuYasha knew Michiru was right about burying Kagura, but mourning her was something else entirely.

"Look InuYasha, I know how you feel." Michiru stated. "But not even Kagura deserves to be abandoned and left to rot in the sun whilst scavengers feast upon her carcass."

"Michiru's right InuYasha." Miroku agreed. "The only being that would deserve that kind of fate would be Naraku."

Kagome turned a shade of green as the image of Naraku decaying away surrounded by flies and vultures flashed in her mind. But even though this image sickened her, it also brought her much pleasure considering all that Naraku did to them.

Sango said nothing to this. She did believe in burying Kagura, but didn't want to talk about it. She was more concerned with the fact that her baby was back in her arms even though she was a teenager now.

"If only there was some way to remove this curse from her..." Sango thought to herself. She sighed sadly as a tear fell from her cheek wishing that she could just pick Sanru up in her arms, and cradle, and sing soft lullabies to her.

"Hey Sango," Michiru said bringing Sango back to reality. "Sango what's wrong? We've got one of our daughters back now."

"I know dear." Sango smiled sadly. "It's just that I wish she was still a baby."

"Yes I know." Michiru sighed. "Me too. But maybe there's a way to break this curse on her."

"Maybe..." Sango sighed. "I sure hope so."

"I don't know," Miroku stated. "I think I kind of like her like th..."

Michiru then angrilly drew Shikiga and caused the blade to crackle with electricity and held it in Miroku's face.

"Don't even THINK about it Miroku!" Sango flared. After all the stress of having to deal with losing her daughters, the last thing she wanted to deal with was Miroku thinking dirty thoughts about her daughter.

Michiru then turned a angry shade of red and gritted out, "I'm warning you Miroku. If you so much as LOOK at our daughter in a perverted manner, I'll chop your head off!"

Miroku then held his hands in protest, "No, I wasn't thinking like that! I was just admiring how much she looks like her mother!" Then Miroku clutched his arm realizing he had made the mistake of lying which caused the cursed vien in his arm to grow a few inches torwards his shoulder.

Kaname scowled, "Well congratulations Miroku! Now you have to start that whole, 'year of honesty' ordeal to take away that curse put in your left arm!"

"WHAT?" Miroku gasped. "How do you know about that?"

"That witch that placed that curse on you is a very good friend of mine." Kaname answered. "She told me about how you cheated her out of her home and placed that curse on you that forces you to tell the truth."

"A curse to tell the truth?" Kagome asked. "How does it work?"

Kaname then walked up to Miroku and lifted his sleeve to reveal to the others a disgusting looking vien in his left arm that was about five inches away from his shoulder.

"Oh my!" Kagome gasped. "What is that horrid thing?"

"It's a curse that spreads up Miroku's arm everytime he tells a lie." Kaname explained. "If Miroku continues to lie the vien will pass his shoulder and spread across his chest. And, God forbid, if it reaches his heart it will kill him."

"What?" Sango asked.

"So THAT'S why you haven't been performing those fake exorcisms and fake fortune tellings whenever we reach a new village!" Shippo observed then he laughed. "And here I was fooled into thinking that it was because you had changed your ways!"

"Shippo, it's not funny!" Kagome scolded. Then she turned to Kaname. "Is there anyway to remove this curse?"

"Yes." Kaname answered. "In order to remove the curse, Miroku must tell the truth about everything for a whole year."

InuYasha then turned torwards Miroku and stated, "Miroku's screwed."

"Then there's the alternative." Kaname continued.

"Alternative?" Miroku beamed his face lighting up. "What alternative is that?"

Kaname looked at Miroku and grinned. "You have to go to every village where you've lied to someone in some way, shape, or form and head to the village square and yell out the confession that you are a liar and a con-man who lied to people about exorcisms, and telling women that you pretended to be a fortune teller so you could recieve their money and/or get them to go to bed with you, etc. etc. etc."

Miroku then turned pale, realizing that while that would be easier to do than avoid lying for a whole year, it would also take time. Not to mention that he would probably have to deal with the wrath of a lot of people. Also that would probably make him a lot less popular with the ladies than he already was. But Miroku knew he was pretty much incapable of telling the truth for a whole year, so his options weren't many.

InuYasha and Shippo were really enjoying this. The thought of Miroku's life depending upon him apologizing for his lies and deception was just too funny to ignore. As for Kagome, she was torn between pity and amusement. On one hand, she felt sorry for Miroku for his predicament. But on the other, it was amusing that Miroku's dishonesty had come back to haunt him.

"But why didn't the witch tell me this before?" Miroku asked.

"Because she wanted you to be afraid so that when you found out, you'd be willing to go through with this humiliation." Kaname answered. "Oh, and just for you information Miroku, she's still alive. So if you do go through with this alternative and afterwards you go back to your old ways, she'll put the curse back on you and this time there will be no alternative."

Miroku groaned realizing that the witch intended to change Miroku's entire life, not destroy it.

InuYasha then grinned at Miroku, "Well Miroku, you've already got a really deadly curse in your right hand that there's no cure for except Naraku's destruction. Now you've got a curse that there's an easy way to get rid of. What are you going to do?"

"Yeah Miroku!" Shippo answered. "If I were you, I'd take the alternative."

Miroku looked up to his friends and could see the concern for him in their eyes. Even Michiru, Miroku's rival for so many years, was showing he was worried for him. Miroku sighed remembering that one of the reasons he married that girl that was to be betrothed to a demon was to run away from him and Sango. Now that he was here, he could see that Michiru despite everything was his friend. He then sighed again."

"Alright." he agreed. "Where's the next town?"

"Minamo Village." Sango answered. "That's where you'll start."

"Then let's get going!" InuYasha answered looking forward to seeing Miroku squirm after these confessions were made.

"First things first InuYasha." Michiru spoke up. "First we have to bury Kagura and at least give her a moment of silence."

"You're right." InuYasha agreed. "Leave the digging to me. Iron-Reaver Soul Stealer!"

With that, InuYasha's fingernails turned gold and long and he began clawing at the earth while Kaname and Michiru made the ground easier to dig by adding their Water Shikigami to the ground. In due time, a six-foot deep pit big enough to hold Kagura's body was dug. Miroku had taken the time to make a simple coffin for Kagura to lie in. After they set Kagura's body in the ground, they buried her and were silent for a few minutes and continued northwest to Minamo Village and Kaede's Village so that they could go to the present to hide Sanru from Naraku.

Elsewhere in Naraku's lair.

"Damn! They got hold of Sanru!" Naraku griped. "And what's more, they're taking her to that loathsome witch of a mother of Michiru and Kaname to exorcise my presence from her! And considering she was able to do that for Kohaku, there's no doubt in my mind that she'll succeed! I can't allow that to happen! Especially since I've also lost Kagura, and I still don't have enough materials to make another incarnation."

Naraku angrilly paced realizing his only chance of getting Sanru back so that he would have more time to recover his strength and fight InuYasha and the others himself was to send Michigo out to recover her. But Naraku knew that would be risky, he knew that Michiru would probably try to capture her if her caught her in the act. But fortunately, he was now aware of Michiru's Dream Dust spell. With that he created a special collar that would filter dust from air so that when Michigo breathed, the dust couldn't affect her. He then spoke.

"Michigo, go now and find InuYasha and the others. Once you find them, stay low and don't get caught. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, recover your sister and come back to me. Do not engage in battle if you can help it." Naraku ordered Michigo.

Michigo then got up and in a trance-like state left Naraku's lair to find her enemies and recover her sister, just as her master ordered her to do.
Done! Miroku's going to become an honest man now? Who would've thought? And Michigo's on her way to recover Sanru from InuYasha and his friends. Will she succeed? Or will she be captured and brought to Michiru and Kaname's mother to be exorcised? Tune in next time!

Ch. 1:[link]
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MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
so michiru dimensiol warrior today?
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Read now.
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Correction, Sanru is only 1 MONTH old! But since when does Miroku think rationally when it come to beautiful women? Glad you like the curse though. :D
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
What the hell is wrong with Miroku. Sanru is still 1 year old. Thats child perhertion. But the curse is funny.
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Correction, Sanru is only 1 MONTH old! But since when does Miroku think rationally when it come to beautiful women? Glad you like the curse though. :D
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I meant she's 1 somthing. Miroku is really desperate for Sango. He will even try to date her kids.
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah that was the idea.
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