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Reliving Old Memories: Part One

The group had left Kaede's Village and were on their way to Kasasagi Town to gather information about Naraku. It had been a few years since they had last fought together and were curious if everyone had picked up any new techniques. InuYasha was particually curious if Shippo had any new techniques, as Miroku was curious about those of his old rival Michiru.

In a matter of a few minutes, the sun was about to go down. Fortunately the team knew of a hot spring nearby they occasionally used during their adventures. Soon they came to the clearing nearby the hot spring and set up camp for the night. They decided that since it was a small spring, they should bathe one at a time. Kagome bathed first, then Kaname, until it was Sango's turn to bathe. She stripped off her clothing and settled down in the water.

"Ahhh! Now this is heavenly!" she purred. "If only all my baths could be hot like this!"

She sat for a few minutes thinking to herself that they could be if she was willing to live in the present with her husband Michiru, but she knew as much as the present had to offer she was genuinely afraid of it. Besides, she remembered what Michiru had told his parents after they had killed Naraku and went back to the present as if was only yesterday.

"And how could I forget?" Sango chuckled to herself. "It was one of the happiest days of my life after all!"

Sango sighed to herself as she remembered going back to the present with the rest of the group that day. She remembered seeing Kaname and Michiru hug their parents after not seeing them for several months and the joy and fondness in their eyes. It was a joy that made Sango happy and sad at the same time for she thought that this meant that Michiru was going to leave her.

"But then he said..." Sango whispered to herself. "Something I'll never forget..." She sighed as her thought drifted back to her memories.

"Hey Sango," Michiru began. "Where are you going?"

"Huh? Um, me?" she answered blushing slightly. "Well I um, well I thought that since you were back were staying here."

Michiru smiled at her and kissed her passionately and whispered, "Shhh. Hold that thought for a second."

Sango's eyes teared up in confusion and hope as she watched Michiru turn to his family and tell them, "Mom? Dad? I'm really happy to be home after all these months."

"Not as happy as we are to have you back." Michiru's mom sobbed.

"And I appreciate everything you all have done for me," Michiru continued. "And that's why this is so hard for me to say, but I'm afraid I have to leave you now."

"What?" Kaname asked. "But Michiru what are you saying? We just got back, don't you wanna go home after all these hard battles?"

"Yes Kaname." Michiru nodded. "I do."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Kaname pondered. "C'mon! Grab your bag and let's go home!"

Michiru shook his head, "But Kaname, don't you see? That's where I'm going. Home."

Kaname looked at her brother for a time and then teared up as she realized what her brother was really saying. "Oh, I see." she sobbed.

"I'm sorry Kaname," Michiru said putting his hand on her shoulder. "But this is not my home anymore. There's too much noise, too much pollution, and it's complicated. But most of all, I have no real friends here. And even worse than that," he began looking over at Sango, "Sango doesn't belong here. And if Sango doesn't belong here than neither do I."

Hearing this, Sango smiled realizing that Michiru was willing to give up his old life just to make her happy. Michiru continued, "Kaname, there's an old phrase that goes; 'Home is where the heart is.' Well my heart is 500 years in the past with the woman I love."

Mrs. Kururugi looked at her husband and sobbed with a smile, "You know dear?" she told him. "We expected this was going to happen didn't we?"

"Yes." Mr. Kururugi nodded. "We knew our son was in love. And we knew as soon as he came back, that he would leave us again."

"But Mother! Father!" Kaname protested. "You can't be saying that..."

"Yes we are Kaname." Mrs. Kururugi replied. "I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do to change his mind. The heart wants what the heart wants."

"That's right dear." Mr. Kururugi confirmed then he looked over at Kaname. "Kaname, I know that this is difficult for you but you have to understand. Your brother has grown up, he's found his place in the world, and the person he wants to spend it with. Now if you love your brother, you'll let him have what he feels is best for him."

Kaname considered her father's words for a time, then she smiled. "You're right father. This is Michiru's choice and I have to except it."

"Thank you Kaname." Michiru smiled then he hugged his parents and his sister then turned to Sango. "Well my love," He began. "Let's go home."

Sango teared up and nodded, "Yes," she beamed. "Home. Where our hearts can live together as one."

"Where our hearts can live together as one." Sango whispered to herself returning to reality. She remembered the sad looks on Michiru's family that day, and somewhat hated the fact that Michiru was willing to give up his family for her brought her so much pleasure. But at the same time, Sango knew that that was Michiru's decision to make and as far as Sango was concerned she was glad that Michiru chose her and his family understood why.

"And when Kaname decided to be a frequent visitor, I know it made her feel so much better about..." Just then she heard a rustling sound. "Hmmm?" She turned her neck to see movement amongst the tall grass. She reached for her weapon.

"Hey! That had better be my husband over there or else!" she warned.

Michiru, who was at the fire, heard Sango's warning and looked around the site and saw no sign of Miroku. "What? Why that dirty..." he cringed pulling out Shikiga. "He's spying on my wife again!" He then leapt and using his Shikigami sped at inhuman speed to the hot spring but saw no sign of Miroku. He glared around.

"I know you're here Miroku!" He declared. "The choice is yours; come out and live, stay in hiding and DIE!"

Michiru waited but Miroku didn't show up.

"Have it your way." Michiru sighed and used a plant-based spell to communicate with the grasses. Soon the grasses showed Michiru where Miroku was hiding. Both Michiru and Sango could see him now, Sango glared.

"Mi-ro-ku! How DARE you spy on me again!!!" she shouted throwing her boomerang. Fortunately for Miroku he dodged it in time, unfortunately that left an opening for Michiru to attack.

"Dodge this Miroku!" Michiru snapped. "Wind Star!"

"What?" Miroku gasped. "You can perform the Wind Scar?" then a massive pentagram appeared around Miroku's body pulling out his arms and legs in a star shape filling the empty star in the pentagram. "Hey, what the? This, this isn't the Wind Scar!"

Michiru giggled, "No Miroku, you misheard me. I didn't say 'Wind Scar' I said 'Wind Star.'"

"Well what's a Wind Star?" Miroku asked. "And why can't I move?"

"Well you see Miroku," Michiru explained. "That green pentagram represents my Wind Shikigami you know? So what I did was create a binding attack with it. What it does is it uses the four winds to push on a concentrated target all at once at velocities that the target can't struggle against. You might say you're basically trapped in a small concentrated star-shaped hurricane."

"What?" You mean my body's been frozen by mere wind pressure?" Miroku gasped.

"Yes, but there's more Miroku." Sango smirked. "You see, Michiru can control the Wind Star to bend to his will."

"He can what?" Miroku gasped.

"Now that being said, what am I going to do with you?" Michiru grinned mischievously. "I know! I'll use my Wind Star however Sango wants me to."

Sango smiled, "Just hold him in place honey. Now I can finally do to him something I've wanted to do for a long time!"

Sango then hurled her boomerang at the helpless monk who shrieked in pain as the huge projectile made contact. Then Michiru turned the Wind Star on its side.

"Now it's my turn Miroku!" Michiru laughed. "Keep this in mind next time you want to spy on MY wife!" he cringed. Then he waved his arm hurling the massive pentagram like a massive frisbee, with Miroku still trapped in it, far into the sunset area.

"Whooooaaaaa! Nooooo!" Miroku yelled out his voice fading more and more the further he got.

"Whew, glad that's over!" Michiru sighed.

"You said it." Sango agreed. Then she turned over to Michiru and smiled. "Michiru," she began in a smooth sultry voice. "As a reward fo helping me get Miroku, would you care to join me?"

"Wh-wh-what?" Michiru gasped. "But-but-but Sango I thought you wanted to bathe alone tonight!"

Sango smiled at her husband, "I did. But knowing how persistant Miroku is, I'd feel safer if my big, strong, and powerful husband were here with me."

"But! But! But!" Michiru continued.

Suddenly Sango frowned, "Hey what's the matter with you Michiru? Your beautiful naked wife is asking you to join her bathing and you hesitate?" Then she smiled mischievously and said in a fake whimpering voice, "Don't you find me beautiful anymore? Don't you want to join me?"

Michiru, hating being teased about his instincts as a man, looked at Sango, then he began stripping off his kimono, and said, "I really hate it when you do that you know?"

Sango smiled and shrugged. "Hey, I learned feminine charm from the best you know?" She teased.

"Yeah," Michiru grumbled wading towards Sango. "From my sister."

Then the two nude lovebirds swam towards each other, looked into each other's eyes, smiled at each other, and embraced in a deep tender kiss.

"Oh Sango!" Michiru gasped kissing all over her body.

"Michiru!" Sango gasped. Then she smiled, "Hey, what are you doing? Be gentle with me!"

Elsewhere InuYasha and the others could hear the activity going on in the hot spring.

"Ugh! There they go again!" Kagome mumbled.

"Heh! That's my boy!" InuYasha smiled. "Now why won't you girls ever let me do that with you?"

Hearing this Kagome and Kaname glared at him, "InuYasha," they began simultaneously.

InuYasha's eyes popped open knowing what was going to happen.

"Sit boy!" the two girls spoke simutaneously. The beads around InuYasha's neck glowed and yanked him to the ground twice.

"Ugh!" InuYasha groaned. "My life was hard enough when it was just Kagome who could do that." Then he shot a dirty look at Kaname. "Before YOU found a way to do it as well!"

Shippo looked in amazement, "What now Kaname can 'sit' InuYasha as well?" He asked. "How and when did that happen?"

Kagome and Kaname smiled. "Well we'll tell you." Kagome grinned.

InuYasha groaned.

"Oh great, just give Shippo more humiliating stories to use against me." He moaned.

Just then a beaten, battered, and dizzy Miroku returned to the campsite. As soon as he got there he collapsed in his bedroll. Shippo looked in a humourous fashion.

"Well, well, well, and just what in the world happened to you?" InuYasha grinned knowing the answer.

Miroku moaned out tiredly, "Let's just say I'll leave my curiousity about Michiru's new techniques to the battlefield. Not to mention this is my last time spying on Sango bathing if I know what's good for me."

"Yeah, Michiru really has gotten incredibly powerful since you left Miroku." Kagome agreed. "If I were you I wouldn't anger him by abusing Sango."

"That Wind Star sure was a doozy!" Miroku complained.

"What?" InuYasha laughed. "Heh! He only used the Wind Star? Considering how angry he was, I didn't expect him to use such a weak technique."

"Yeah," Kagome agreed. "Maybe Michiru's starting to learn a little self-control." Then she turned in the direction of the hot spring. "Which is more than can be said for his lustful desires." she grumbled.

"Aw, give him a break Kagome!" Kaname piped up. "Remember they just had two daughters. As those two grow, they're gonna have a lot less time to enjoy each other's company in such ways you know?"

"Yeah, you're right." Kagome sighed. "Still where does Michiru find the energy to keep up with Sango? Well, at least he showed some self-control when attacking Miroku just now."

"Self-control?" Miroku complained. "Self-control? You call this 'self-control?'"

"Well judging by Michiru's power level, yes we would." InuYasha smirked.

"So Kagome, Kaname," Shippo cut in. "Are you going to tell me how Kaname can use the Beads of Subjugation now?"

Kaname looked over at Miroku and said to Shippo, "I don't think that would be a good idea right now. We'd better stay quiet and let Miroku rest." Then she turned over at the direction of the bath and looked at Miroku and mischieviously said, "I mean Sango and my brother are making quite a bit of noise as it is already. Wouldn't you agree Miroku?"
Second chapter to my story, I figured a little "primal behavior" was in order. Hope my friends approve!

Ch. 1:[link]
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ValenTheNeko Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Professional Filmographer
How is Sango able to cross over to the present? I thought just Inuyasha could?
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I feed off of OrionPax09's story. In it, Michiru makes some pendants that allow ANYBODY to cross over the Well with his magic. That's where I got the inspiration to do it.
CandyMan232 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Is Kohaku and Kirara going to be the next chapter
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Kirara is, however Kohaku isn't. You see, now that the group has left Michiru and Sango's daughters in Kaede's care, Kohaku decided as their uncle he should stay behind and watch over them in the absense of their parents. (I'll edit that into the previous chapter)
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