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Shikiga's Hidden Power

As night fell on the group on the outskirts of the Wolf Demon territory, Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, Kaname, and Michiru had pitched their tents and had settled in for the night with InuYasha standing guard.

As Michiru slept, his hand was clenched tightly to Sango's Hiraikotsu. Kirara slept above his head purring profusely as she inhaled and exhaled softly.

Suddenly and gust of wind got into an area of Michiru's tent he somehow forgot to zip up letting in a cool draft that hit Michiru with a brief and sudden chill. Even though it wasn't enough to wake him, it was enough for him to shift his hand until it no longer was wrapped around the massive boomerang bone, but had drifted to the side where his trust sword Shikiga was kept. In about a minute, his had has touched the Shikiga ever so lightly.

When it did, it began to glow with a faint unworldly glow. A glow that soon began to creep its way up Michiru's arm until it reached his head where Michiru was lost in a dream world.

As Michiru dreamed, he dreamed of the future of Sango and himself raising healthy happy babies, when all of a sudden his sweet dream turned black as he saw an image of Sesshomaru battling with InuYasha.

"Eat this Sesshomaru! WIND SCAR!" InuYasha roared as he brought his sword to the ground sending the wave of destructive power to Sesshomaru who immediately countered with the Tenseiga's teleport ability as he drew forth his Tokijin.

"Huh?" Michiru asked at the sight of this confused. "The Tokijin? But I destroyed that thing! What's it doing here?"

Watching the battle unfold, he watched as Sesshomaru called forth the Dragon Strike technique as InuYasha countered with the Backlash Wave to try and send the attack back at Sesshomaru.

"That is enough!" Michiru thought to himself drawing forth his Shikiga entering the middle  of the fight as his sword glowed with the essence of Light as he was about to call forth his Shikiga's ultimate technique. "DRAGON BLADE OF JUDGEMENT!!!"

As all ten symbols on the sword's blade glowed with intense power, Michiru flew in and intercepted both combatants just as they were about to clash as the Shikiga made contact with Tokijin causing it to crack and eventually shatter to pieces as it had the last time Michiru and Sesshomaru clashed.

But all of a sudden, the Shikiga began to glow with the same color of light that appeared when Shikiga and Tenseiga clashed. The same light that shone when Shikiga copied the healing power of Tenseiga.

Turning to the side where InuYasha was, Michriu let out a gasp as the Tetsusaiga was also glowing with this power as well. Both Michiru and InuYasha looked into each other's eyes with the realization that Shikiga was copying Tetsusaiga's power just as it had Tenseiga's.

"Wait!" Michriu thought to himself. "This power! I...I don't want it! It is InuYasha's and his alone!"

Then all of a sudden everything disappeared. InuYasha's appearance vanished, as did Sesshomaru's and the swords. Looking around, Michiru couldn't see much. He was in an area that had no floor or ground even though he felt like he was standing. It was all black and red void.

Wondering what all was going on, Michiru asked himself, "What is this place? Where are InuYasha and Sesshomaru? Where am I?"

Just then a light shone getting Michiru's attention. It looked like a human shape that was getting fainter and fainter taking on the image of a man. Eventually the light resided to reveal to Michiru a man. A man who actually looked a lot like Sesshomaru.

"But..." Michiru thought to himself, "This man has no white fluffy scarf, he's dressed in spiked armor, he has no crescent on his forehead, and his hair is done in a ponytail. Who is this guy?"

Suddenly, Michiru's eyes darted to the figure's sash. He noticed the hilts of three swords he recognized. The hilts of Tetsusaiga, Tenseiga, and the dreaded Sounga. Letting out a gasp of realization, Michiru knew that only one being in history ever carried all three swords simultaneously.

"Y-You..." Michiru studdered. "A-A-Are you....are you...?" But he couldn't continue. He was at a loss for words if this being was who he thought he was.

Turning to look Michiru in the eyes, the figure nodded and spoke, "Yes Michiru Kururugi. I am the great InuTaisho."

Letting out another surprised gasp at this, Michiru replied nervously, " can that be?'ve been dead for centuries!"

Nodding at this, InuTaisho replied. "My body is dead, but my soul is not entirely dead..."

Then InuTaisho clicked his fingers causing the image of Shikiga to magically appear in his hand which he tossed to its rightful owner.

"My Shikiga?" Michiru asked knowing that part of InuTaisho's soul was in the sword. "But,  I've had this sword for nearly three years. You've never communicated with me before."

"Yes that's true. But to be fair Michiru," InuTaisho began. "You've never slept with Shikiga in your hands."

Looking in confusion for a second, Michiru though of the times he went to bed after inheriting Shikiga and realized InuTaisho was right. He never slept with his weapon in hand, he always slept with Sango in his arms.

"So you're saying that if I go to bed with Shikiga in my arms, your soul fragment can communicate with me through my dreams?" Michiru asked.

"Yes. You catch on fast Michiru." InuTaisho replied. "That's part of the reason you were able to defeat my son Sesshomaru the last time you fought."

"I didn't defeat him." Michiru humbly replied. "It ended in a draw."

"You shattered that wretched Tokijin, the sword Sesshomaru used to use all the time." InuTaisho countered. "You defeated his primary weapon and thus in my view won the fight."

Michiru was at a loss for words. InuTaisho thought he was the winner in that fight? He couldn't believe it.

"But I am not here to talk socially." InuTaisho spoke up breaking up Michiru's train of thought. "I am here to tell you that you need to do something."

"What is that?" Michiru asked.

"I need you to use Shikiga to copy the power of Tetsusaiga." InuTaisho explained.

"What?" Michiru gasped. "But...why? The power of Tetsusaiga is InuYasha's. I don't want to steal it."

"I don't think you understand." InuTaisho replied. "You see in that dream I had when I gave Totosai that vial of blood, I neglected to tell him a strange part of my dream."

"A strange part?" Michiru asked. "What part is that?"

"Well you see, Michiru." InuTaisho explained. "When that human figure of light opposed he darkness, it for some strange reason had three hands on one wrist. One was holding a sword I did not recognize, until Totosia completed the Shikiga which my soul recognized as the image of the sword in my dream. In his other two hands, he was holding both Tenseiga and Tetsusaiga."

"What?" Michiru gasped. "Why didn't you tell Totosai that detail?"

"Because I figured it meant that this force was allied with both my sons and they were defeating this force together. But then when Shikiga and Tenseiga clashed, and my soul fragment could sense that Shikiga had the power to copy Tenseiga's power and give it to Shikiga, that was when I realized what the detail of that dream was. That the image with three hands was holding all three swords because he had the power of all three swords."

Studying InuTaisho's words for a minute, Michiru suddenly gave a noise of comprehension as he realized what InuTaisho was saying.

"The holding all three swords because....because my weapon in the dream had the power of all three blades." Michiru realized. "That's why you need me to copy Tetsusaiga's power. So that I'll have the power of all three swords when I face this evil."

"That's right." InuTaisho nodded placing a hand on Michiru's shoulder. "I know you Michiru Kururugi. When you were handed to me and the bond was forged between us, I read your every thought, memory, and detail of your life. I know that you love my son InuYasha with the same love you share for your own sister. I know that my eldest son Sesshomaru respects you above all other beings on Earth outside his group. You are a great man and a great warrior Michiru Kururugi. Fate chose well to send you from your home to here. Just as she chose well to be the one who inherited my forth heirloom blade."

"Th-Th-Thank you...sir." Michiru stuttered in disbelief at receiving such respect from perhaps the greatest warrior who ever lived. "That...means a lot to me!"

"And I want you to know soemthing Michiru." InuTaisho began. "This isn't east for me to say, but you helped both my sons settle their differences and learn to respect each other. Now they might not love each other, but they do respect each other now, and that is because of you." All of a sudden, Michiru saw InuTaisho's image fading away as he continued to speak. "So what I'm trying to say to you is that based on all I have witnessed from you mind and all you've done to help my sons learn to respect each other I...I see you as a third son Michiru Kururugi. you. Like a son...."

"Hey, hey bro." A voice broke in. "Hey Michiru, get up. It's morning now, and we've got work to do."

All of a sudden, Michiru woke up to the sound of his sister Kaname. It was now daylight in the morning, and it was time to get up to continue their climb to Koga's Territory just as Kaname said.

Getting out of his bedroll, stretching, and yawning. Michiru turned to the side to see that his Shikiga was indeed touching the mere tip of his finger. Remembering the dream, and all InuTaisho told him in it, he picked it up and nodded.

"Alright, InuTaisho!" He spoke to himself with conviction. "I will! If it will save the world, then I will copy the power of the Tetsusaiga! And together, we will destroy the great force of evil you foresaw so long ago...              
Well! THAT was surely interesting! The Shikiga has the ability to let Michiru communicate with InuTaisho himself? Totally cool! But how will Michiru obtain the power of Tetsusaiga in addition to the power of Tenseiga? And what was that great evil force from InuTaisho's dream? And what's going to happen when the group reaches Koga's lair? Tune in next time!
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Jamesdahedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
I also Enjoyed this chapter, though t didn't really get far. Butm glad you went to the length of explaining what the majoy role of the story is. Could the massive evil Inutaisho be referring to is Naraku? Or Maybe it's Something Else.

Anyways, You did a very good job on this and I can't wait to see more.

Elekid. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru aren't twins. Sesshomaru is much older.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
I know they aren't excally twins I just didn't know what else to describe them
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
So glad you like it.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
this was awesome dude! I so cant wait for the next chapter and see more Shikga. When you reach the part where Shikga gains the copy of the tetsieg's power could I make a card of it. This was a great chapter I loved seeing inutasho he was awesome myfreind and one of my favroture chracters Michiru would make a great son of his if they had been blood related
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. So glad you like it.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
I love it. this is one of the things that makes you coll you know what the fans like. Inutashio is one of the best chracters he's wise and loves his kids. In a way he and Michiru are the same both have twins and make sure they are save rom evil and themselves. Im glad they met
J4RRE77 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I hope others like this too.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
theywill its orginal
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