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Family Reunion

InuYasha and the others had left Tsuzumi Village and were headed towards the Castle Town. Michiru and Sango didn't speak much during the journey. For even though there was a big probability that they would be reunited with Michigo and Sanru, it was still technically only a chance. Besides both knew that Michigo and Sanru were under Naraku's control as Kohaku had once been. And even worse, Kohaku was a child when that happened to him, but Michigo and Sanru were babies so they would have no memories of their mother and father which would make getting through to them even harder than with Kohaku.

Miroku looked over at the woman he once loved and saw the dismal expression on her face. He sighed knowing that Sango had been through all this before.

All of a sudden, a group of demons approached the team. So the friends readied their armaments.

"Fox-Fire Chakram! Go!" Shippo cried out hurling the razor-sharp metal ring at an Enko. As soon as it left his hand, it grew into a massive circle charged with the green flame that sliced the pink demon in two after it made contact.

"Oh, Flame Burning Bright!" Kaname began. "Turn into a sword of wrath! Raging Flame!" She then hurled a fireball at a Skelebird with caused it to burst into flames. All that remained was a massive spider demon. Kagome was too freaked out to attack.

"InuYasha!" Michiru cried out. "Let's show him our combined wind technique!"

"You got it Michiru! Let him have it!" InuYasha smiled.

"Shikiga! Bind this disgusting arachnid with the four winds!" Michiru spoke to his blade which began to glow green. "Wind Star!" He then carved a star into the ground with his Shikiga and the star grew into his Wind Shikigami pentagram which surrounded the spider and held it in place. Then Michiru used his control over the Wind Star to cause it to rotate the spiders body all around like a NASA astronaut-in-training.

"Great job brother!" InuYasha spoke. "Now toss him my way!"

"Got it!" Michiru nodded. Then he tossed the pentagram in InuYasha's direction even as InuYasha held Tetsusaiga above his head.

"Wind Scar!" InuYasha cried thrusting the massive blade on the ground sending the Wind Scar to the helpless spider-demon which could only look in horror as he became another victim of InuYasha and Michiru's Wind Star and Wind Scar combo attack. The battle was over after that.

"Heh! Always love it when we do that!" InuYasha smirked.

"You said it!" Michiru agreed. "All those guys put together don't stand a chance against us!"

"Hey! That's my line!" InuYasha laughed.

"Yeah, but that's OUR move!" Michiru laughed.

The two friends continued their playful arguing throughout the rest of the journey.

"Geez! You'd think they'd get tired of horsing around after awhile!" Shippo griped.

"Leave them be Shippo." Kagome answered. "The truth they're doing this for a reason."

"Oh yeah?" Shippo asked. "What reason could that be?"

"InuYasha and Michiru are the most powerful members of the team." Kagome explained. "And as such it's easy for them to let their egos make them lose focus. So they try to be playful to keep the spirits light so that they don't get too cocky."

"Heaven knows InuYasha needs that especially." Kaname sighed.

"Tell me about it." Sango nodded. "Michiru has a lot more discipline than InuYasha does."

"No one has more discipline than I do." Miroku boasted. "After all I am a monk."

Sango spat out a laugh knowing that wasn't true at all. When it came to beautiful women, Miroku had absolutely no discipline whatsoever. Of course, now that she had Michiru she didn't care about that anymore. All she cared about was getting her children back, waking up Kanna and Kohaku, and settling down with the happy family she wanted to start with Michiru.

Night was approaching and the guys decided that they should set up camp. They found a dry cave that was void of demons and had plenty of room for all. It even had a hole that would make for a good chimney for a campfire. Kagome and Shippo gathered the kindling and dry leaves and set it in a fire pit InuYasha dug up with his claws.

"Kaname," Kagome started. "Would you mind?"

"Not at all." Kaname replied. She then invoked her Fire Shikigami and lit the pit. Sango and Michiru decided to go hunting for some meat while InuYasha began practice sparring with Miroku and Shippo.

"You call that an attack?" InuYasha smirked as Shippo had caused his shakram to grow and used it like a melee weapon which InuYasah easily blocked.

"Hey! I'm not used to using melee weapons like you are InuYasha!" Shippo complained.

"Then allow me." Miroku stepped in. He then swung his staff at InuYasha, but InuYasha didn't block. Instead he just kept dodging and dodging until at last Miroku passed out from over-exertion.

"Heh! You're getting slow old human!" InuYasha taunted. "I didn't even have to attack to beat you!"

"Beat this!" Shippo declared aggressively. Then he swung at InuYasha again, but InuYasha easily brought his Tetsusaiga into the hole between the massive ring and wrenched it from Shippo's hands!

"C'mon! Is this the great warrior that so many travelers to Kaede's Village speak of witnessing?" InuYasha asked. "If so, the stories we hear of you must be extremely overrated!"

"My skills are legendary InuYasha!" Shippo shot back.

"Then my skills must be devine Shippo!" InuYasha countered. "In fact, I bet I could still bop you on the..."

"InuYasha, sit boy!" Kagome flared knowing what was about to happen. InuYasha then collapsed to the ground. "Well, I think that's enough training for now. Let's wait until Michiru and Sango return with dinner."

"Sounds good I agree." Miroku nodded.

Elsewhere in the forest, Michiru and Sango had spotted a really meaty looking deer and beagn to chase it quietly. Even though there was no way even a group as large as theirs could eat something like that in one night, everyone knew that Michiru and Kaname's Ice Shikigami could preserve it for an extended period of time. Also they had a cooler with a carrying strap that Michiru and Kaname brought from home. They were just about to throw Sango's chain to restrain the animal, when suddenly they heard footsteps approach. Michiru drew his Shikiga and Sango her boomerang and prepared for the worst.

"Michiru," Sango whispered. "Could those be demons?"

"I don't know Sango." Michiru answered. "But there's no time to get the others. We'll have to handle this ourselves."

Sango nodded and the two quietly headed to where the footsteps were. They followed them to a clearing where two figures were sat. Michiru used his Light Shikigami to reveal that area. When it settled, Michiru and Sango's mouths popped open in shock.

"S-S-Sango." Michiru stuttered. "Those two figures are teenage girls. And, and,and they look..."

"Just like me." Sango finished.

The two girls looked back at Michiru and Sango with glazed eyes that Sango knew all to well.

"Michiru," Sango sniffed with more joy than fear. "We've found Michigo and Sanru at last!"

"Yeah, but now comes the hard part." Michiru replied nervously. "Getting through to them."
Michiru and Sango have at last found their children, but like Michiru implies; can they get throught to them? And will Michigo and Sanru attack their own parents not knowing who they are as Kohaku once did? Tune in next time!

Ch. 1:[link]
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